Student Single Tissue Bath

Capacity: 3.6 Liter with decent look

Heaters 120 Watts

A float switch provides a safety cut off should the water level fall

below the minimum permitted level,

Two modes for solution replacement emptying and filling

Each tissue chamber has an adjustable gas diffuser for oxygenation and

push toggle on the front of the unit control the filling and emptying of the

tissue chambers via toggle switch.

Perspex sheet wall thickness 8mm

Magnetic Stirrer for uniform temperature

The control system provides an LED display

Inner Tissue Bath Standard 25ml Capacity Qty 1 with each Bath

Detachable Stem Tissue Vessel, supplied as standard,

for increased convenience when changing tissue vessels.

(The tissue chamber portion of the tissue vessel can be removed

without disturbing the stem or disconnecting the tubing for the warmed

perfusate and drainage.

Inner tissue bath Pyrex Material Graduated 25 ml Capacity

O ring provide 2 set

Warming Coil Round/Curve flat type

Power: 220 Voltages

Download:Student Single Tissue Bath



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