Electronic Centrifuge

Product features

·         Brand new and good quality

·         Widely used in the laboratory or produce department for organisms

·         Large in capacity but small in bulk and has a complete function and a stable performance

·         Not recommended for medical use

Product description

This is our brand new variable speed electronic centrifuge. It is mainly used to separate suspension of solid particles and liquid or emulsion in the two kinds of different density and mutual miscibility of liquid separation. With different density and particle size of solid particles in a liquid sedimentation velocity of different characteristics, some sedimentation centrifuge for solid particles according to density and grain size grading. Don’t hesitate to buy it.

Power Supply: 220v 60Hz
Power Rate: 40W
Centrifugal Capacity: 20 Ml X12
Relative Centrifugal Force: 1450 Xg
Timing Range: 1-120 Min
Length of Power Cord: 60 Inches
Maximum Speed: 4000r/Min

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