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Sr No. Description
1 Chicken Pox
2 Small Pox
3 Mumps
4 Diphtheria        (Open Mouth)
5 Diphtheria         (Bulneck)
6 Life Cycle of Ascariasis
7 Life Cycle of Mosquito (ON METTALIC STAND)
8 Kopliks In Measles
9 Sand Fly  (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
10 Different Species of Mosquito (Adult)

(ON METTALIC STAND)               (Set of 4)

11 Rodent With Plague (ON METTALIC STAND)
12 Louse (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
13 Flea    (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
14 Mite   (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
15 Life Cycle of Taenia Saginata And Sloium
16 Life Cycle of Hydatid Cyst
17 Different Type of Leprosy              (Set of Three)
19 Vitamin  A Deficiency
20 Vitamin  D Deficiency
21 Iodine Deficiency Goiter
22 Marasmus       85cm-Baby   (In Seating Position)
23 Kwashiorkor  85cm-Baby   (In Seating Position)
24 Caries
25 Sources of Water Supply  (Set of two diff. Sources)
26 Deep Well
27 Shallow Well
28 Slow Sand Filter
29 Rapid Sand Filter
30 Breake feld Filter
31 Type of Ventilation
32 Health Full House
33 An Ideal Village House
34 Various Methods of Disposal of Solid Wastage  Dumping, Controlled Tipping, Incineration   (Set of three)
35 Septic Tank              (Simple)
36 House Fly                 (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
37 Teat Fly                     (Adult)  (ON METTALIC STAND)
38 Ticks                         (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
39 Cyclope                     (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
40 Various Type of Insecticides                                (Set of  three)


41 Life History of Culex Mosquitoes.      (ON METTALIC STAND)
42 Life History of Anopheles Mosquitoes (ON METTALIC STAND)
43 Model of Bed Bug  (On Stand)  (Adult) (ON METTALIC STAND)
44 Life Cycle of  Bed Bug (ON METTALIC STAND)
45 Model of  Life History Flea.                  (ON METTALIC STAND)
46 Model of  Life History Lice.                (ON METTALIC STAND)
47 Model of  Rat Flea  (Adult)   (ON METTALIC STAND)
48 Model of  Humman Flea (Adult)  (ON METTALIC STAND)
49 Model of Dysentery Diarrhea Complete
50 Complete System of  House Sewrage System
51 Activated Sludge Model
52 Model of Incinerator
53 Model of Sanitary Well
54 Model of  Septic Tank Complete  (Three Chamber)
55 Model of Different Vectors (Set of 5) (ON METTALIC STAND)
56 Model of Parasites (Different) (Set of 3)(ON METTALIC STAND)
57 Model of Different Disease                 (Set of 3)
58 Model of Hospital Waste Management
59 Model of Regarding School Heal Services
60 Model of Ice Burg Disease
61 Mosquito of Aedes Agypti   (Adult) (ON METTALIC STAND)
62 Body Louse  (Adult, Hygene, Egg) (ON METTALIC STAND)
63 Sareoptes Scabii Life Cycle Plus Skin Leisior
64 Infantile Scurvy (Complete Set)
65 Poliomyelitis       (Polio 85cm Baby)
66 Measles
67 Comparison in between Small Pox/Chicken Pox
68 Spinal TB
69 Tetanus         (Half Body)
70 Tetanus          (85cm Baby)
71 Gland TB
72 Whooping Cough
73 Mantaux Test
74 Model of Leishmaniasis Ctoneous
75 Glardia Lambia
76 Life History of  Dracunculuas
77 Life History of  Ancylostoma Duodenale
78 Life History of  Echinococus
79 Life History of  Ascaris Lumbricoids
80 Rickets (85cm Baby)
81 Prevention And Control of Dysentery
82 Prevention And Control of Dysentery And Malaria  (Set of two)
83 Prevention And Control of Dysentery And TB
84 Contamination of  River or Stream
85 Sewage Treatment Plant
86 Squating Seat With Cover (In plastic transparent box)
87 Boro Hole Latrine
88 Deep Trenech Latrine
89 Pathogenic Amoebae   (On stand)
90 Healthy Baby 85cm              (In Seating Position)
91 Life History of Schistosoma (Heamatobium)
92 Military Latrine
93 Breeding Places of Flies, Mosquitoes, Mites, Bug (Set of two)
94 Different Models of Water Closets (WC) (Set of two)
95 Water Storage Tank
96 House Modern Vs old DOOR (Complete set)
97 Sagittal Section Female Pelvis (Imported)
98 VillageSchool
99 Specimen of Pathogenic Bacteria
100 Public Latrine
101 Indian Squatting Seat Latrine
102 Drainage System With Main Hole
103 Irrigation (Broad)
104 Lead Line on Gum Leap Poisoning
105 Goitre (Simple)   “Initiative stage”
106 Anthrax of  Face Maligant Pustule
107 Coal Miners Lungs
108 Syphylis (Gumma)
109 Child With TB Lungs 85 Cm
110 Xerosis (Cojunctival)
111 Xerophithalmia
112 Keratotic Follicles (Neck)
113 Pustular Small Pox (Hand)
114 Lead Paralysis of Hand
115 Large GUT
116 Iron Oxide Lungs
117 Typhoid Ulcer
118 Pallegra
119 Photographers Hand
120 Typhus Fever Eruption
121 Dental Carries
122 Blantidum Coli
123 Warms (Round, Tape, Pin & Hook warms )
124 Life History of Plasmodium Virus
125 Entamoeba Histology
126 Plus Minus And Zero Desk
127 Tube Ligation
128 SNAKES Poisonous Verities (Set of 3) Cobra stuffed
129 Viper Snake (Preserved in jar)
130 Sea Snake (Preserved in jar)
131 Rat Proof Go down
132 English Commode With Flush System Plus  Indian Commode (Complete set)
133 Bitot Spots
134 Floride Rickets
135 German Measles (Rubella)
136 Green House Model
137 Dug Well Latrine
138 Dermatitis (Skin Disease)
139 Keratotic Folicles on Neck



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  Manager Sales


         Muhammad Awais Khan

         Qureshi Scientific Works




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