Tracheotomy Trainer

Product Description

A practical trainer for various methods of tracheotomy. Training of both conventional and percutaneous tracheotomy and puncture/incision into the cricothyroid ligament is available. For conventional tracheotomy, different types of incisions can be performed including longitudinal, transverse, crucial, U-shaped, and inverted U-shaped. Simulating a patient in a supine position with the neck extended, the tracheotomy trainer allows the user to determine the proper incision site while identifying arterial locations, and to observe intratracheal conditions from the head. The trachea can be reused by turning it upside down or inside out, and the skin by sliding it to either side or turning it upside down. Contents: main body, neck (with arteries), thyroid cartilage (with cricoid cartilage), trachea (four pieces), skin (four sheets), and lubricant (silicon oil).



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