Tissue Bath Sets 2

Digital temperature control

Temperature automatically held within 0.1oC

from 15o to 50oC in 0.1o increments

Large 11.2 liter Water Bath capacity for stable temperature in

Coils and Tissue Vessels

Magnetic stirrer ensures uniform bath temperature

250 watts off heating power for fast heat-up time

Flat Warning Coils lie flat against the sides of the tank,

leaving the center free for experimental procedures

Large capacity (400 ml) Flat Perfusate Warming Coils en-sure

a sufficient supply of temperature-controlled perfusate  for the

mos lengthy assays

Detachable Stem Tissue Vessel,

supplied as standard, for increased convenience when changing

Tissue Vessels (The without disturbing the stem or disconnecting

the tubing for the warmed perfusate and drainage

Downlaod:Tissue Bath Sets 2



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