“Surgicall sally” Bandaging Simulator

A readily available patient with 14 surgical wounds including a Mid-Sternal Split with two simulated drains, a sacral Decubitus Ulcer-stag 2, and a leg Amputation stump. The skin has also been reformulated so it is drier, allowing the bandages to adhere better. Wound closures feature surgical staples for the Mid-Sternal Split, Tharacotomy, Nephrectomy, Laparoscopy, Abdominal Hysterectomy, and Amputation stump. Staples and sutures cannot be removed.

Ideal for teaching wound management skills, dressing change, and bandaging techniques. This simulator is just like a real patient, except the simulator remains motionless, never complains, and features wounds that won’t bleed and closures that won’t rip out. Students can conveniently practice wound management techniques, cleaning, and dressing change.

Surgical Sally is a female replica and measures 29” L*17”*8”D.

Special formulations have been used to create the most realistic responds look and feel possible. The flexible, flesh-colored skin realistically responds with adhesive and all types of bandaging procedures. Comes complete with hard carry case. Size: 33” *25” *12”. wt.24lbs.



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