Organ Bath Modular-Teaching

AWS provides complete hardware solutions and associated software for isolated tissues studies from simple, manual systems to automated, computer-controlled systems. The AWS Modular Single Chamber Organ Bath was developed to provide a practical and functional design. They are used basically in teaching, where their low demanding maintenance, ruggedness and ease of use guarantee excellent didactic performance. This Modular option consists of a Perspex organ bath with a tissue chamber, three-way stopcock for physiological solution exchange and a fine needle valve for gas regulation. To maintain a constant temperature in the tissue chamber a Thermo regulated Water Pump is available which can be used with up to four Single Chamber Organ Baths at once. All organ baths include tissue holders, transducer holders, Micropostioner and tissue chambers (25 ml volume is supplied standard; 5, 10, or 50 ml volumes are available on request). Optionally, the AWS Modular Organ Baths can be associated with transducers, amplifiers and data output software from several brands. Common configurations use AD Instrument LABCHART or PANLAB PROTOWIN software for data storage and analysis, including Dose/Response.

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