Infant Venous Access Simulator

Product Description

A unique, anatomically correct representation of a 4-lb., 16″ female baby developed to teach and practice the vascular accessing of newborns and infants. Practice accessing, securing, dressing, site care, and maintenance for standard venipuncture, central catheters, PICC lines, and umbilical 5 FR catheters.
• Access the median basilic and axillary veins on the right and left arm
• Right leg – saphenous and popliteal veins
• Neck and head – external jugular and temporal (scalp) veins
• Realistic flashback of simulated “blood” confirms proper needle location in the vein
• Redesigned umbilicus allows repeated catheterization of the umbilical catheter, with proper placement verified by a blood return
• Nasal and oral openings allow placement of nasal cannulas, as well as endotracheal, nasogastric, and feeding tubes to teach suctioning, securing, dressing, cleansing, care, and maintenance
Nita Newborn™ includes female baby body; umbilicus; translucent skin on arm, leg, and head; I.D. bracelet; diaper; vein tubing with umbilical valve; blood reservoir bag with attached tubing; blood concentrate; instruction manual; and carry case.



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