Double Tissue Bath

The walls of this bath are made of heavy, transparent plastic, so that the specimen can be consultant and easily observed. The walls are 6mm (1/4 inch) thick. The tank measure 140 x 215 x 155mm ( 51/2 x 81/2 x 61/4 ) and has a capacity of  4.7 liters.

The two sides of the bath are extended to form a stand. The heating control housing is made of white plastic, offering the double advantage of being corrosion proof and an excellent electrical  insulator from the heater.

A drain hole with tubing and plug is located in the tank bottom and an overflow pope is mounted in the upper left edge of the tank, there is also tapered plastic cone in the tank bottom. Into which the soft rubber bung carrying the stem of the glass tissue bath fits, making a convenient leak proof joint. The water bath is heated by two simple, sturdy cartridge elements that are mounted through the fronts of the tank near the bottom and extend 50mm (2in) into it. These elements have a combined rating of 80 watts. The temperature of the water bath is controlled by a dial on the front panel that is graduated from 15 to 45 C, by 5 C increments. Inside the bath there is a metal tube that carries a sensitive thermostat sensing bead. This system maintains the bath within 0.5 C of  the desired temperature  once the bath temperature has stabilized. There is an indicator light in the front panel that glows when the bath is plugged into the AC line. There is also a second indicator light that glows whenever the heating circuit is energized. A screw-in fuse holder is also mounted on the front panel.

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