Basic Single Tisue Bath

The walls of this bath are made of heavy, transparent plastic, so that the  specimen can be consultant and easily observed. The tank is 100mm in  diameter by 125mm high (4 x 5 in) and has a capacity of 800ml. Tank is solidly cemented to the base, which is constructed of formed white plastic. The plastic base offers the double advantage of not only being corrosion proof, but also serving as an excellent electrical insulator from the heater. A drain hole with tubing and plug is located in the bottom of the tank. There is also a tapered plastic cone in the bank bottom, into which the soft rubber bung carrying the stem of the glass tissue bath fits, making a convenient leak proof joint. The water bath is heated by a simple, sturdy cartridge element that is mounted off-center through the bottom on the tank. This heater has a rating of 50 watts. The temperature is controlled by an energy regulator mounted on the front of the bath. The dial has a position for “full energy” while the bath is being brought up to its desired temperature. A hole in three corners of the base can be used  for uprights.

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